Ballet and Opera "The Tales of Hoffmann"

Tuesday13 november 2018 at 20:00

The National Opera of Russia presents "The Tales of Hoffmann"

Hoffmann's Tales - Russian National Opera

The National Opera of Russia presents "The Tales of Hoffmann", ballet in three acts adapted from the opera of the famous composer Jacques Offenbach. Inspired by the tales of the German romantic poet Ernst Hoffmann, this fantastic work tells the story of the love failures of the poet, narrator and hero.

Three dramatic passions, three inaccessible women: Olympia, a mechanical doll, Antonia, a phtisical singer, and Giulietta, a greedy seducer. Each of these love stories is thwarted by the destructive intervention of an evil character. Between dream and reality, constantly deluded, will Hoffmann regain his self-confidence? From Munich to Venice, will he manage to detach himself from his crazy loves to find his creative strength?  

The dancers and choirs, accompanied by an orchestra, offer a new choreographic version that faithfully portrays Offenbach's brilliant masterpiece. Among the essential pieces, the inimitable Barcarolle embarks the spectator in the magical and moving universe of this lost poet.