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top 10 places to visit in Orléans

Discover our top 10 must-see places in Orléans.

  • 1 - The Holy Cross Cathedral :

One of the 5 vast Gothic cathedrals of France, it was built in 600 years and therefore bears the imprint of the various royal successions offering it an original and artistic architecture.

You can get to the top of the cathedral with the visit of the heights of the Sainte-Croix cathedral thanks to the Orleans tourist office.

  • 2 - The Hotel Groslot:

Discover the history of this private residence transformed over time into a "common house". Dressed in a superb facade of red bricks, a coffered ceiling, walls stretched with painted canvas or paneling with mouldings, you will appreciate visiting it.

  • 3 - The House of Jeanne d'Arc:

Take a tour of the famous residence that housed Jean d'Arc when she came to liberate the city in 1429. The house is equipped with a multimedia room allowing you to liven up and modernize your visit, whether it appeals to adults or children alike.

  • 4 - The Museum of Fine Arts:

As one of the richest and oldest French museums, this museum offers works from the 15th to the 20th century, presents an exceptional collection of Italian, Flemish and Dutch as well as French paintings.

Also, the museum regularly organizes temporary exhibitions, other exhibitions are devoted to the collections of the cabinet of drawings of the school of fine arts of Orleans.

  • 5 - The Floral Park:

For a greener visit, come to the Floral Park d'Orléans La Source, also a zoological park, where you will meet more than 350 animals: pink flamingos, exotic birds, ducks, tropical butterflies and many more.

Restaurant and shop on site you can have a good time with your family or as a couple in the park.

  • 6 - The Museum for Biodiversity and the Environment:

This museum, a natural heritage conservation centre, documents the fauna, flora and geology of the Centre-Val de Loire region and beyond. With more than 435,000 specimens and samples preserved for almost 200 years. Among its collection on account insects, herbaria, stuffed animals, fossils, skeletons, rocks, minerals, shells...

  • 7 - Charlemagne Island:

For leisure, come and relax, cycle, jog, enjoy the beach and the bathing area. Many water activities are available.

Many facilities are present and in particular thanks to the Léo Aventure Park: beach volleyball courts, basketball, handball, minifootball, ping pong, petanque, paintball, tree climbing and aqua-park.

  • 8 - The Center-Val de Loire FRAC:

Building with modern architecture and unique design which offers a program of exhibitions around the relationship between contemporary art, architecture and design.

  • 9 - The Orléans Botanical Garden:

Since 1950, Orléans is the capital of the rose and alone provides more than a quarter of production. Attend the International Rose Competition which has taken place every September since 1959 in this 3.5 hectare garden.

  • 10 - Cercil Memorial Museum of the Children of Vel d'Hiv:

Loader of history and reflection punctuated with archives, testimonies and photographs in memory of the deportees of Jews during the Second World War.